ZELEN presents the first French brand of luxury computer cases.

We have merged wood and computers, combined nature and luxury in the heart of technology to make a unique creation.

Your creation, your desires

A French handcrafted production, each model is carefully assembled by hand from a tree trunk shaped in the best wood. Nature has made this trunk unique, that’s what makes it priceless.

The heart of the computer is made of precious metals such as gold or palladium and encases the best technological components that can be found on the market.

We follow your requests to make your dreams come true.

After choosing your trunk, you will be able to choose the heart of this unique piece according to your tastes and desires.

We offer you the luxury of bringing it to you and installing it in your home, anywhere in the world, for a high quality service.

Make an appointment with our team who will be happy to advise you and guide you to create together what suits you.